The Style Room

You may instinctively know what sort of theme you are looking for but if you’re still looking for ideas, why not think about your personality and take it from there?

The contemporary bridal saris that are available today, retain the elegance of the traditional look and yet manage to add…

The beach wedding dress is just one of the many reasons why a woman wants to have a beach wedding.

Bohemian chic is more than just artfully mixed patterns and textures, or even cool handmade pieces.

If you see yourself as a modern bride, then it’s likely a sense of daring is important to you.

If fantasy is sometimes more appealing than reality, you’ll be looking for a theme that triggers deep emotions.

From the twenties to the seventies, you can dress and accessorise to recreate the style of a bygone era.

If you’re a classic bride, you look beyond fashion to style. You’re very much in touch with your own excellent taste.

A Hollywood glamour wedding theme will help you feel just that way, and give an elegant and fun style to your wedding.